Saturday, March 28, 2015

Compilation of Broken CC/Mods for Patch

If you are still having issues with starting your game even after removing your broken CC/Mods and/or Mod folder please refer to the patch issue troubleshooting thread over at SimsVIP .

UPDATE: 1. I'm adding a list of Fixed (Safe To Use) Mods/CC and will have strikethrough on the broken mods, this means you need to remove the old versions and replace them with the new ones.
 = Unknown Issues (use cautiously for now)
2. There are several CC reported that were meant for Sims 3, double check that any CC that you are reporting for crashing is meant for TS3 and not TS4. Before this patch some accidentally installed TS3 CC did not cause any issues, now they are. The ones that were reported, will be listed in the spoiler below tagged "Accidentally Installed TS3 CC causing issues" as it seems these CC have made their way around the internet as TS4 content.

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